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Our business prides itself on our ability to bring together the correct mix of practical experience, skill & partnerships to build outcome-focused solutions with enduring benefit for our clients.


Holidays Act Remediation Engine

Our innovative cloud-based Holidays Act Remediation Engine (HARE), enables you to recalculate leave & payment entitlements, as it has become apparent that most organisations do not fully comply with the complex legislation. We offer a configurable, flexible engine – that can ingest multiple payroll sources, and perform the challenging remediation computations – resulting in a clear view of your liabilities across potentially thousands of employees.

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data engineering & remediation

Essential services in the expertise we offer are the delivery of data ingestion foundations, merging, blending & combining sources together, as well as stream processing for real-time & agile analytics. We are also engaging more and more with our customers in how to create an underlying data lake platform to establish predictive & machine learning models. Further to this, we have developed packaged analytical solutions, such as our Holidays Act Remediation Engine [HARE], which align with this platform with the aim of allowing our clients to gain quantified benefits from the following:

  • Providing quick & configurable cloud-based deployments
  • Improving productivity of data analysts, wranglers and scientists from avoiding substantial time lost in data preparation tasks
  • Saving significant time in construction of a well-architected foundation data lake
  • Gaining an ability to easily grow & extend a modern analytics platform to exploit new opportunities & technologies
  • Building predictive models to improve customer service & identify new intelligence/risks/markets.

We bring an innovative approach to remodeling & remediating complex data calculations & consolidations.


dashboards & KPI’s

Can you see your targeted goals in a way that highlights success & failure? Getting together a cohesive set of measurable values that demonstrates how effectively your organisation is achieving their key business objectives, is so often elusive.

We can help you design & develop dashboards that make it easy to track your KPI’s, see the status whether it’s good or bad and drill-down for further detail. Our consultants cover expertise in a number of technologies, such as Microsoft Power BI & Tableau, often working in a mentoring role to bring your internal resources up to speed. We specialise in provision of real-time strategic metrics that will assist you in gaining insights to not only operate more efficiently, but also improve your decision-making basis.

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financial forecasting

Our planning, budgeting & forecasting solutions are built upon our model templates derived from many years of specialist consulting in the area. Models for P&L budgets, rolling forecasts, sales & operations planning, demand forecasts & driver-based allocations, are all standard frameworks that we deal with every day.

If you are sick of wasting time trying to consolidate a mish-mash of spreadsheets every month-end, then talk to us about how we can help you dramatically reduce your compilation process. Our team of specialist consultants are experts at analysing your existing planning processes and using technologies such as Adaptive Insights to transform your forecasting practices. Top-down & bottom-up approaches, scenario & what-if modelling, intelligent spreading – all with integrated workflow & commentary collaboration. Don’t let your budgeting & planning processes be cumbersome, slow & error prone. Have our consultants help you find new innovative ways, to re-invent your core financial forecasting.