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“Employers are obligated to remediate employees for current & historic underpayments”

Government Taskforce May 2018

MBIE continues to produce guidance on the Holidays Act 2003, because in their own words “it has become apparent that non-compliance is a significant issue.” It was also recently reported that out of all the organisations the Labour Inspectorate had looked into over the last few years, all had degrees of non-compliance, with many major breaches.

There are also many more holiday pay articles hitting the press with increasing regularity – all diverse employers with a failure to have correctly complied with their leave entitlement obligations.

Don’t wait around for an Enforceable Undertaking to drive the timeline with which you must adhere. Use the time & space you now have to pre-empt an audit, & take a considered approach.


Calculations covering Annual, BAPS,

Termination & OWD

Correctly apply ADP, RDP, AWE & OWP


Model workforce patterns, scenarios & what-ifs
Easily validate data & modify rules
Provide full audit trails


Parameterised, flexible cloud-based engine
Ingest multiple payroll sources
Scalable to 1000’s of employees

Our cloud-based, pre-built calculation engine includes predictive profiling, data validation, dashboards & detailed reports. We have a proven ability to ingest payroll, leave & timesheet data from virtually any source.

As a specialist consultancy, we are experts in extracting & engineering your data – particularly to fit the complex business rules, calculations & amalgamations required under the Holidays Act.

HARE can substantially speed up & accurately calculate what your leave payments should have been, provide comparisons to actuals & lets you drill-down to under & overpayments for every block of leave.

Modify parameters & assumptions, re-classify & re-run in minutes – all with a complete audit trail. Remediating multiple scenarios & patterns can also save you significant amounts of time & money, as you decrease variances & increase precision of results. HARE can revolutionise your ability to effectively deal with your potential Holidays Act liabilities, right now.