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enable data-powered innovation

The power of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) lies in its scalability and ability to handle vast amounts of your enterprise data. GCP services are designed to be easily accessible, highly secure and reliable, making it a favoured choice for businesses looking to move their operations to the cloud.


Google Cloud Cortex Framework

Many organisations have grown organically or from mergers and acquisitions, making it difficult to bring data across platforms and applications together. Rationalising this data into meaningful, connected insights is even more challenging to do in a cost effective way.

Top of mind for enterprises

  • Connecting to different applications and platforms across the enterprise
  • Establishing a foundation to access all data – delivery across scenarios – and reaching all users
  • Provide predictions and recommendations on top of data to enable better decisions

faster with Google Cloud Cortex Framework


Easily connect data from various sources (private, community,  and public) to enable a complete view of the business


Deploy faster with quick start templates and content that reduce time and effort


Drive competitive advantage with advanced cloud and partner AI/ML enabled solutions

  • Easily connect data from various sources across the enterprise – including public, private, and community data
  • Provides templates and content to help reduce time and effort to implement data and analytics scenarios
  • Provides advanced AI/ML examples as well as innovative Partner solutions like Mero’s Cloud Analytics OnRamp that easily integrate into a common data foundation

How does Google Cloud Cortex Framework accelerate your data cloud journey?

  • Leading Connectors: Endorsed and vetted connectors and integration tooling from Google and Mero that integrate with Cortex Framework data models in BigQuery
  • Reference Architectures: Blueprints for Industry and LoB use cases that provide guidance on how Google and partner solutions support specific use cases
  • Deployment Accelerators: Quick start templates and packaged data models content for Looker, BigQuery, Vertex AI, and Application microservices 
  • Innovative Solutions – Advanced Google and partner delivered AI-ML enabled applications and solutions that leverage Cortex Framework Data Foundation and content so you can connect once and realize many different use cases

Google Cloud Cortex Framework architecture

The Cortex Framework Data Foundation leverages BigQuery for modern cloud data warehousing at scale and the Cortex Framework application layer helps to securely share and consume results with downstream systems and applications. Cortex Framework ensures an open cloud approach and does not lock you into a particular data integration. You can leverage existing investments to integrate the various data and then take advantage of the predefined content Google provides, build your own, or leverage Mero’s partner solutions.


new connected insights with predefined data models and processing templates

Public data

  • Google Trends data
  • Weather data
  • Holiday calendar data

Community data

  • Analytics Hub data
  • Partner data integration

SAP ERP data

  • Procurement data
  • Finance data
  • Sales and distribution data
  • Currency conversion/time

Salesforce data

  • Leads capture and conversion data
  • Opportunity pipeline data
  • Sales activity data
  • Case management data

Analytical accelerators for line of Business and Industry


  • O2C: Sales Performance with SAP
  • Leads Capture & Conversion with Salesforce
  • Opportunity Trends & Pipeline with Salesforce
  • Sales Activities & Engagement with Salesforce
  • Case Management & Resolution with Salesforce


  • O2C: Accounts Receivable with SAP
  • O2C: Billing & Pricing with SAP
  • P2P: Vendor Performance with SAP
  • P2P: Accounts Payable with SAP
  • P2P: Vendor Spend Analysis with SAP


  • O2C: Order Fulfillment with SAP
  • O2C: Order Status Snapshot with SAP
  • O2C: Order Details with SAP
  • P2P: Vendor Performance with SAP

Demand Sensing for CPG

  • SAP + Non SAP Data
  • Alerts to potential impacts on demand plan
  • Unexpected weather, trend, promo alert
  • Packaged machine learning examples
  • Case Management & Resolution with Salesforce

Cortex Framework Partner Solutions, Cross Industry

  • Inventory Optimization
  • Supply Network Risk
  • AI Demand Forecasting
  • Assortment Recommendation
  • Many more …

SAP data transformation with Google Cloud Cortex Framework

Historically, unlocking the value of the data in SAP has been challenging. With Google Cloud Cortex Framework, customers can access a unique set of reference data architectures, cloud services, deployment templates, and accelerators for SAP ERP. 

Example of Accelerate insights with SAP with predefined data models and processing templates and sample dashboards for common business scenarios:

Order to Cash Insights 

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Sales Performance
  • Billing & Pricing
  • Sales, Customer, Orders

Procure to Pay Insights 

  • Accounts Payable 
  • Vendor Spend Analysis 
  • Vendor Performance

With the advantages of unlimited scalability and a low-risk, pay-per-usage model, Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Cortex Framework present an enticing proposition for businesses aiming to harness their SAP data.

Want to know more? Chat with us about getting started with the Google Cloud Cortex Framework