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financial forecasting

Our planning, budgeting & forecasting solutions are built upon our model templates derived from many years of specialist consulting in the area. Models for P&L budgets, rolling forecasts, sales & operations planning, demand forecasts & driver-based allocations, are all standard frameworks that we deal with every day.

Workday Adaptive Planning delivers simplicity and capability for Resene

“As a high-level finance tool it is effective because it pulls everything together. Our budgeting, forecasting and reporting & analysis we can do all within the tool and it is increasingly becoming a one-stop shop for our finance requirements.”

Jessica Lawton

Senior Finance Business Partner, Resene

If you are sick of wasting time trying to consolidate a mish-mash of spreadsheets every month-end, then talk to us about how we can help you dramatically reduce your compilation process. Our team of specialist consultants are experts at analysing your existing planning processes and using technologies such as Workday Adaptive Planning to transform your forecasting practices. Top-down & bottom-up approaches, scenario & what-if modelling, intelligent spreading – all with integrated workflow & commentary collaboration. Don’t let your budgeting & planning processes be cumbersome, slow & error prone. Have our consultants help you find new innovative ways, to re-invent your core financial forecasting.


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Our successful style of mentoring allows us to jointly create with our customers, flexible forecasting solutions that they can then keep moving rapidly on their own, to reflect a changing outlook. Unlike many consulting approaches that bind you in, we are all about making you self-sufficient as fast as possible. And with our deep experience comes knowing a lot about the outcomes and models that are highly likely to get you visible & valuable results within days.

Orion Health – Adapting through business transition

“Mero has a very pragmatic approach, with knowledgeable consultants who work alongside us rather than just telling us ‘this is the way it has to be done’. This consultative style got us up to speed really quickly.”

Johan Vendrig

Chief Information Officer, Orion Health


Workday Adaptive Planning platform

Advance your Agility

Unify your financial & operational planning, add cohesive drivers & allocations, speed up your rolling forecasts, empower your analytics and gain flexible what-if scenarios

Powerful & Secure

Elastic Hypercube Technology in-memory engine with comprehensive security, auditing & encryption

Open Integration

We can integrate to practically any data source including your Financials, ERP, CRM, Payroll, Workforce, Spreadsheets, Data Warehouses and more

Easy and Fast

Stunningly quick and intuitive to learn as you configure prebuilt models that deploy in days

Remove Errors

Get rid of the time-consuming, error-prone consolidation of a multitude of spreadsheets

Accelerate Cycles

Easily manage the submission, review & approval process and energise your collaboration


successful solutions

  • A summary of some of our client project successes & business benefits include

  • Extremely fast to implement & super-easy to use and get valuable results

  • Greatly improved accuracy and speed in the financial forecasting & reporting processes

  • Forecasts and actuals now integrated with the ERP systems and are updated automatically

  • Managed day-to-day by the finance team without external consulting reliance

  • Ability to forecast different scenarios & report with flexibility across a changing business

  • Extended models into greater levels of capability with workforce, sales and cashflow planning

  • Comprehensive financial information quickly available at your fingertips

Seven Capabilities Checklist

Seven capabilities your workforce planning tool should include for accurate workforce management and payroll calculations.

Seven Steps Tip Sheet

Seven steps to develop successful financial project plans that deliver results on time and within budget.


Mero’s many customers right across New Zealand

Here’s some more about what they have had to say about us and our planning & forecasting solutions

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