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Mero are dedicated to delivering targeted quality business intelligence solutions that provide real value and return of investment to the business. We fulfil this by focusing on the business value then building a technical solution to meet these requirements. With years of experience across a range of industries we use our unique approach and methodology to deliver successful projects for our clients. We are confident in our abilities to deliver high quality business intelligence, data warehousing, training, support, strategy management and planning solutions.

Why choose Mero for your Microsoft business intelligence solution?

QuoteCompanies choose Mero because we are passionate about delivering Business Intelligence solutions that provide tangible value to the business. This is achieved with a unique approach that has been adapted from industry best practice to suit New Zealand’s business environment.

Mero specialises in the Microsoft platform as we see the value that this platform offers to deliver focussed solutions that drive real value from our implementations.

The Mero team have been delivering successful Business Intelligence projects across a range of industries from Government, Banking, and Retail through to Manufacturing, with diverse size and complexity. This diversity means we can provide your organisation with successful solutions that have been implemented and tested in the real world.

Business intelligence consulting

Mero is committed to delivering the best possible Business Intelligence solutions to our clients using Microsoft SQL Server. We cover the areas of:


The Mero team has expertise over a large range of disciplines and industries. This allows us to provide expertise in the following Business Intelligence areas:

  • Data Warehouse reviews
  • Quality audits
  • Customised training, technical and business focussed
  • Risk assessment
  • Business Analysis and project management
  • Design and architecture
  • Peer reviews
  • ETL, Report and Planning model development
  • Mentoring
  • Project management
  • Strategic planning and guidance
  • Implementation of Business Intelligence Competency centres
  • Testing

Our Approach

Mero uses an agile development approach within a waterfall methodology to provide small targeted deliveries that build on the previous ones. This approach is well suited to the Microsoft Platform as it provides rapid development which results in both a fast return on your investment and a solution that is truly focussed on your business needs. By encapsulating an iterative approach inside a traditional waterfall methodology, governance, quality and the deliverables of the project are never lost. This is something many other companies find hard to understand or imitate.


Mero believes Business Intelligence should start with the business first, then move onto investigation of the organisation’s data assets, identify the gaps, and then end back at the business. By doing this we can ensure the actual business requirements are understood without any bias on the data the organisation may have. This allows us to take an innovative look at resolving any gaps between the requirements and data available to ensure the business gets the information they really need. This approach ensures the team are always focussed on the business value the solution can provide, rather than delivering a technical solution based solely on the company’s core data assets.

Quality and risk management principles are a cornerstone to our approach. We introduce a number of quality ‘gate-points’ that are monitored with the customer throughout the implementation. As W. Edwards Deming stated “You can expect what you inspect.” Using this philosophy, the client is involved from the beginning to the end of the project and can inspect the quality of the solution at each step. The days of long term back room Data Warehouses are certainly gone.

Business intelligence training

We have years of experience in developing and facilitating custom training courses and hands-on workshops for organisations in the Business Intelligence field.

Mero can provide your organisation with training covering topics:

  • Technical training for your development team
  • Mentoring for your development or business teams
  • Concepts and business interactions for your business users or management team
  • “Talk to the experts” sessions to provide a quick introduction to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence terminology and techniques

Please contact us to discuss further.

Business intelligence support

Mero can provide your organisation with support covering:

  • Urgent support
  • Short term support assignments
  • Contracted outsourced support arrangements

Please contact us to discuss further.

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