Rapid Performance Mart

Organisations need visibility of business performance across a range of metrics with the ability to deliver organisation-wide dashboards and scorecards to the executive team, leveraging a single view of metrics to the business. They need accurate information fast to support these immediate requirements.

Delivering Organisation wide metrics

How do they respond to this challenge today, what options and alternatives do they have available?

  • Attempt to extend the current enterprise data warehouse – often time consuming and complex.
  • Purchase an industry/specific point “reporting” solution – inflexible in nature and costly.
  • Reporting directly off the underlying source data – generally limited to a single data source.
  • Develop a bespoke solution – as often the data is not available to support the reports or is not numeric.

What is needed is a data mart optimised for analytics, utilising a prebuilt structure that is standardised and reusable. To have true versatility it must bolt-on to standard data sources with prebuilt extractors. Mero RPM does exactly this.

The Mero RPM Solution

Rapid Performance Metrics (RPM) fills a specific gap in the information supply chain that is difficult to address with the traditional enterprise data warehouse. It enables organisations to rollout strategic reporting quickly. https://mero.co.nz/business-intelligence-solutions/rapid-performance-mart/Specifically an executive dashboard presenting the key business process metrics needed to support a defined requirement. The prebuilt reports and the mart itself are designed in such a way to minimise the need for any heavy customisation.

Your return on investment

Return on investment can occur in 2 ways:

  • Gaining competitive advantage quickly through the use (and confidence) of reliable information and being in a position to act on that information quickly.
  • Recognising potential failure early and being in a position to change course if needed.

Gaining a Competitive advantage

Mero RPM has been built for the purpose of providing a full-function executive dashboard and to be deployable within days. Its competitive advantage is its speed of deployment and ability to meet each customer’s specific needs; yet at the same time based on a modern, proven architecture with robust structure. Unlike other reporting databases, RPM is built on a ‘conformed” architecture therefore as more metrics are added, a common underlying structure ensures long-term trust in information.

Mero RPM Solution Framework


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